The Next Chapter

Dear Friends,

I taught my last class at The Los Angeles Film School last week. The students were so wonderful with flowers and chocolates, but most of all with their kind words and encouragement on my next chapter. I am leaving to travel in Europe for three months, to do some research for the television series we are developing based on my book “A Candle For My Mother”, and to continue work on a “Mom” docuseries currently filming. (More on the docuseries in another post). Sadly, I cannot do all that and continue teaching full-time.

I never thought I would become a teacher. I was always the business person in my family with three sisters involved in education. But after some extensive lobbying by a friend, in whose class I was a guest speaker, I came for the interview. Little did I know that five years later, I would have learned more than I could ever teach, be inspired by those I was meant to inspire, and find a passion in teaching that exceeded all that had come before. I could barely tear myself away.

The hardest part of making this decision was leaving the students and my fellow Entertainment Business instructors. While I was here, I was energized to actually write the aforementioned book… 20 years in the making, won some major awards for the book and the video shorts, and made the decision to pursue writing and entertainment development full-time. I have no idea where this road will lead but I do know what I am leaving behind… an up and coming generation of entertainment professionals who will transform this industry as they have transformed me. I am so grateful, and my heart is full.