Book Clubs

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Dear Book Clubs,

I'd like to invite you to select my Award Winning book for your book club. I've had a lot of fun creating an alternative meeting idea - "Bring Your Mom to Book Club Day". You can invite your mom or sibling or your children and have a fun and personal event where the conversation is about you. I'll join you if I can via Skype or in-person if you are in Southern California.

Thank you for your consideration.

With gratitude,


"An articulate, buoyant, and often humorous account involving family life and globe-trotting adventures." - Kirkus Reviews

"A Candle for My Mother is an inspiring family memoir that reflects on the virtues of travel, seeking new experiences, gratitude, and giving...Lorraine's narratives shine." - Clarion Review

"Inspired by her mother's love of family, Pamela L. Newton's A Candle for My Mother is a heartfelt journal comprised of her mother's true stories and reflections that help guide Newton's own travels and personal journey of gratitude...Lorraine proves herself an avid storyteller with the eye of a well-traveled tour guide. Readers will enjoy the stories offered in this book. Part travelogue, part personal family journal, it's a daughter's loving tribute to a mother who imparted valuable lessons about appreciating the gift of family and friends, exploring the world and its opportunities, and reaching for the stars." - BlueInk Review

"Family letters and journals are rarely this interesting. Lorraine Newton is a natural storyteller. Her descriptions paint a vivid picture of time and place, as well as show her consideration and acceptance of people as she explored the globe and encountered a diverse array of individuals. Pamela Newton's inclusion of her own travels and her candle-lighting throughout the world's churches makes a sweet connection between storylines." - The BookLife Prize