French Language School Experience - The Grand European Adventure #5 

Hello, I am currently attending an immersive French language school where no other language is spoken and my teacher speaks like a machine gun. And I really wish I had paid more attention to my English class so long ago. Verbs, irregular verbs (apparently don’t follow any rules), adverbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns… nouns are all male or female, like table, chair, fork, spoon… and verbs change depending on if it is a man or woman is being discussed. Lots of exceptions and memorization needed. So how did it go?

Day 1 – Rotten headache.
Day 2 – Ugh… I don’t understand a thing.
Day 3 – Okay maybe I can do this. I think I understood a word… oops, maybe not.
Day 4 – Lost, feel like giving up.
Day 5 – Miserable, so happy the first week is over!

So, what to do? Why sign up for more classes in the afternoons of the next week, of course. I obviously need lots more help. Oh, and ask to be put in a different class with a different instructor.

Day 6 – No new teacher! Abject misery and discouragement. Back to office to repeat request.
Day 7 – New instructor – Hallelujah! Still only speaks French, but much slower and shows us pictures on the internet when we don’t understand.
Day 8 – Hey, I am able to put some words together.
Day 9 – Another great day.
Day 10 – Can’t believe I am actually sad it is all over. Delphine is such a good instructor and compassionate human!

I take full responsibility for my experience at the school. I should have learned some vocabulary and basics to make this a richer experience. I know what I need to do if I really want to learn French. Build my vocabulary so I can do this again with a better result. But I managed to receive a certificate. Yea!