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A Candle for My Mother is a celebration of moms everywhere, a profoundly personal story with universal appeal. Beautifully written and told with heart and humor, it touches many bases – family dynamics and sibling relationships, world travel, Middle Eastern history and politics, church architecture, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, ‘50s/’60s culture, even an ingenious parenting tip or two. There’s something here for everyone.


Pam's exquisitely crafted story mirrors her mother's candid memoirs of an extraordinary journey living in the middle east. Her behind the scenes glimpse of the movie business contrasts with many stories recorded by her mother of their early family life living in Iraq. Most of all Pam's awe of and love for her mother will challenge readers to reflect on their relationships with their own mother. It's a poignant story of a mother's love, sacrifice, determination and a daughters love and gratitude.


Fate - there you go again. “Whether it is destiny or chance that delivers us to the parents we inherit, there can be no mistaking the impact a parent has on our life, especially a mom”. Thus begins the deeply felt, touching memoir A Candle for My Mother, and there is no doubt this mother made a deep impression on this daughter. What began in Westminster Abbey years before continues to the present day: the author, Pamela L. Newton, lights a candle wherever she goes in memory of her adored, fiercely independent materfamilias. What a role model! Stories of growing up with super mom (“Because mom did what she did, all our lives were an adventure too”) and Newton’s three close sisters are effectively cross-matched with the author’s own compelling life. Her mother’s lively flamboyant words - a nice peephole into the way this remarkable person thought and viewed the world - are quoted extensively. This one was some mother! Creative and beautifully illustrated with maps, family photos, and drawings, A Candle for My Mother is an entertaining read.